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"...a wilderness, in contrast with those areas where man and his works
dominate the landscape, is hereby recognized as an area where the
earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man
himself is a visitor who does not remain..." (Wilderness Act, 1964)

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Bridger Wilderness, Wind River Range, Wyoming
0706aBoulderLakeCmpgrd.jpg (33,126 bytes) 0706bBoulderLakeTrlhd.jpg (26,323 bytes) 0706cBoulderCreek.jpg (44,430 bytes) 0707aLake Ethel.jpg (29,552 bytes) 0707bLakeChristine.jpg (39,790 bytes)
0707cNothForkTrail.jpg (18,767 bytes) 0707dNorth ForkLake.jpg (18,816 bytes) 0708aCookingBreakfast.jpg (46,111 bytes) 0708bHayPassTrail.jpg (37,197 bytes) 0708cHayPassFord.jpg (39,445 bytes)
0710aPaintbrush.jpg (28,862 bytes) 0710bColumbine.jpg (20,037 bytes) 0710cCrossLake.jpg (50,529 bytes) 0710dBoulderLake.jpg (32,956 bytes)  
Sawtooth Wilderness, Sawtooth Range, Idaho
0712aPhyllisBirthday.jpg (20,072 bytes) 0712bRedfishCreekFord.jpg (45,994 bytes) 0712cSawtoothGlaciers.jpg (23,600 bytes) 0712dLowerCramerLake.jpg (39,674 bytes) 0712eLowerCramerCamp.jpg (43,659 bytes)
0713aUpperCramerLake.jpg (26,922 bytes) 0713bFlowerGarden.jpg (34,938 bytes) 0713cTheTemple.jpg (31,804 bytes) 0713dYellowColumbine.jpg (49,750 bytes) 0713eCramerPass.jpg (39,723 bytes)
0713fHiddenLake.jpg (34,529 bytes) 0713gReflections.jpg (22,034 bytes) 0714aPumpingWater.jpg (40,033 bytes) 0714bShootingStars.jpg (19,763 bytes) 0714cLakeEdnaCamp.jpg (36,089 bytes)
0714dViewFromEdna.jpg (33,638 bytes) 0714eEdnaKitchen.jpg (35,368 bytes) 0714fPhyllis.jpg (28,398 bytes) 0715aSandPassDescent.jpg (34,189 bytes) 0715bImogeneLakeCamp.jpg (36,862 bytes)
  0715cGoldenMantle.jpg (33,512 bytes) 0716aOrangePaintbrush.jpg (29,903 bytes) 0716bAtTheSaddle.jpg (44,160 bytes)  
Jedediah Smith Wilderness, The Grand Tetons, Idaho
0719aBuriedInFlowers.jpg (44,782 bytes) 0719bDryRidge.jpg (28,583 bytes) 0719bStormComing.jpg (22,442 bytes) 0720aGrandTetonView.jpg (17,594 bytes) 0720bGrandPhyllisView.jpg (39,132 bytes)
0720cGAtBeardMountain.jpg (25,550 bytes) 0720dGraniteBasinCamp.jpg (30,310 bytes) 0721aGaryAtTetonCrest.jpg (29,783 bytes) 0721bG&PAtThe Crest.jpg (20,478 bytes) 0721cGraniteCamp.jpg (27,655 bytes)
0721dBrilliantColors.jpg (30,313 bytes) 0721eFinalTetonVista.jpg (34,773 bytes)
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This site is dedicated to Cosmo, a.k.a.;Cosmeeowski, Pussygatto,
Cosmeeowskovitch, Da Cos, Mr. Black, Big Guy, Fuzz Butt, struck by
a car and died during our Sawtooth hike. We will miss your
"Head Butt of Love".

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