Group Campouts | Vacation Album

Each year in June or thereabouts, a group of wacky folk gather by the shores of scenic
Wilson Lake (and other venues) to howl at the full moon, frolic in the warm waters,
feast on tasty morsels, and just generally commune with nature and each other.
This photo album is dedicated to these hearty souls,
and to their continuing quest for the perfect potluck.

2021 : Unmasked Ball

2018 : Buskerfest

2017 : Hawaiian

2016 : Theme of No Theme

2015 : Star Trek

2014 : Spaghetti Western

2013 : Toga

Special Section: A Tribute to Leeann

2012: Maya

2011: Caribbean

2010: Keeping up with the Geezers

2009: Gourmet Delights from Pre-Packaged Food

2008: Wilson Friendships

2007: Art as Food

2005: Smerkin' Merkins

2000, 2001,
2002: All American Picnic,
2003: High Heels & Cheap Sunglasses

1992 - 1999: Pre-theme

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Group Campouts | Vacation Album